Magnet By Paper - Pickit for RedVex - For Diablo 2 (LoD) Patch 1.11b


Magnet 1.0 plugin (Lastest)

Magnet 1.0 source

Magnet 0.8a

Magnet 0.4a

Magnet 0.4

Magnet 0.3

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Magnet 0.1

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AntiPk 1.1 (Chickens to town on hostile, For HC players, or chickens lol)


Magnet is a plugin for the proxy RedVex made for Diablo 2 (LoD) by FooSoft. It does not access the process memory and does not change anything in Diablo's code.

Be aware that this is probably agaisnt Blizzard's EULA and *could* get you banned


Readme - Instructions

Magnet 1.0 - Pickit for Redvex by Paper


- Place magnet.dll in your redvex Plugins folder
- Place magnet.ini in your redvex folder (the one with the redvex executable in)

.telepick Toggles Teleport Picking
.townpick Toggles Town Picking
.pickit Toggles Item Picking
.notify Toggles Item Drop Notification
.showcode Shows you the code of the next item you drop (Useful for configuration)
.reloadconf reloads configuration file: magnet.ini

------ Changes ------
1.0 - Added iLvl in description, fixed a teleport bug, changed delays (again)

0.8 - Fixed connection dropping problems in Redvex 2.6 thanks to zoxc and changed delays a bit

0.7 - Made faster delays in config, fixed teleport Position updating i had messed in 0.6

If you don't want to be banned don't use any hacks
If you get banned using magnet... I don't care (Warned you)
But I'm pretty sure this is safe

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